Eastern and Northern Ontario survey completed

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Written by Mark Koneff
Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Photo of Mark Koneff.We finished the survey today. Although we did not see anything notably different from the information in my last report, I have uploaded a few more photos.

Tundra along the coast of Hudson Bay in extreme northwest Ontario largely frozen this year.  Habitats just inland in better shape.  Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)

Fresh snow from yesterday's storm. Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)

Attawapiskat River.  Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)

Rock outcroppings part of Sutton Ridges in otherwise low relief terrain of the James and Hudson Bay Lowlands.  Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)

Snow showers on the Hudson Bay coast.  Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)

Ekwan River. Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS)