Survey begins in Eastern and Northern Ontario

Written by Mark Koneff
Friday, May 08, 2009

Mark KoneffMy observer, Guthrie Zimmerman (USFWS) and I began the survey on May 8 in the interlakes agricultural region of southwest Ontario. Snowfall was average across southwest Ontario through February when warm temperatures led to an early thaw. Snowfall and rain from February to May resulted in wetlands at full capacity at the time of the survey and nesting conditions across this region were excellent across southwest Ontario.

Getting ready to start first transect of survey.  Credit: G. Zimmerman (USFWS).

It was pretty wet in extreme south and southwestern Ontario at the time of the survey.  Credit:  M. Koneff (USFWS).

Sheet water on farm fields.  Extreme southwestern Ontario was wet and in excellent condition at the time of the survey.  Credit:  G. Zimmerman (USFWS).

Wetland of the mixed wood transition zone.  Credit:  G. Zimmerman (USFWS).