Maine and Atlantic Canada survey begins

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Written by John Bidwell
Sunday, May 03, 2009

John BidwellOur 2009 survey began by flying out of Bangor, Maine. We started along the coastal areas, and then turned inland, over the boreal forest. Early indications are very good. The water is open, ducks are nesting, and there is no sign of the tremendous flooding we saw here last year. Spring came very late last year, and heavy flooding had many of the prime nesting areas underwater. As a result, duck numbers were well below normal — for all species surveyed. It’s impossible to predict what conditions will be like over the remainder of our survey area, but we are very encouraged by what we’ve seen so far.

Example of coastal Maine - Little River lighthouse near Machias Bay. Credit: Doug Forsell (USFWS)

St. John River near Fredericton, New Brunswick. Most of the area depicted in this photo was flooded in 2008. Credit: Doug Forsell (USFWS)

Typical riverine habitat in the boreal forest of Maine and New Brunswick. Credit: Doug Forsell (USFWS)