2010 Breeding Population Survey Draws to a Close

Important Notice:

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Caleb Spiegel (left) and Fred Roetker (right) bring their Quest Kodiak survey plane home. The 2010 Survey is done. Credit: Wipaire, Inc.S

When pilot biologist Fred Roetker and observer Caleb Spiegel touched down in Minnesota on June 10, the 2010 Habitat and Breeding Population Survey drew to a close for another year. The dedicated pilots and survey crews really outdid themselves this year, sharing more photos than ever, and even submitting a few "bird's-eye" video clips of what they were seeing as they criss-crossed the "Duck Factory" in May and June. You can access all of the pilot biologist reports for some early insight into the waterfowl and habitat conditions that will be used to develop population estimates that will eventually determine fall hunting regulations. Conditions varied across the flyways of course, but in general, an early spring throughout much of Canada and the northern US should bode well for waterfowl reproduction.