Manitoba Survey Completed—Looks Good in General

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Written by Sarah Yates
Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sarah YatesWe finally got the two days of good weather we needed and completed the survey on June 2nd. The last survey day was quite enjoyable, with clear skies and little to no wind. In total we counted and identified 14,678 ducks. The habitat looked good throughout southern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan and improved during the survey with all the rain from the low pressure systems blowing across the upper U.S. Only a small area near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border and most of stratum 38 was considered fair to poor in 2013. Stratum 38 just doesn’t have a lot of great habitat in general due to the high proportion of agriculture throughout that southeastern portion of Manitoba.

It looks like an average to above average (in some areas) year for waterfowl production in our crew area for 2013. I want to say a big thanks to John Bidwell (retired biologist-pilot) for serving as my observer and mentor pilot this year. I had a really great time surveying with him and I’m sure I’ll miss him next year! And I’m so thankful for the entire crew at Mapleleaf Aviation in Brandon, Manitoba, for keeping N728 up and running, for the great weekend meals, and for being so kind and generous. I hope I can come back next year!