Ready to Survey in Southern Manitoba

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Written by Karen Bollinger
Saturday, May 07, 2011

Karen BollingerThe Southern Manitoba survey crew assembled at WipAire, Fleming Field, Minnesota, on 3 May for the much anticipated BPOP survey in 2011. I will be serving as crew leader (Karen S Bollinger, FWS – MBM – R7), and Rob E Spangler (FWS-MBM-R9) will serve as right-front seat observer. Rob recently joined the Migratory Bird Survey group as a pilot biologist and will be flying left seat in future surveys. I have previously flown the Manitoba portion of the survey in 2008 and 2002, and participated in other years.

An array of personnel worked together to stage our aircraft, N758F, a Cessna 206 amphib, at WipAire, and helped in setting up our laptops and needed software. We thank Steve Earsom, Phil Thorpe, Walt Rhodes, Dave Fronczak, Fred Roetker, Terry Liddick, Emily Silverman, Kathy Fleming, and Doug Tucci for their efforts in accomplishing this. Probably because N758F is somewhat of an orphan aircraft, however, we discovered that the internal wiring for the laptop recording system was essentially non-functional. Efforts to construct a workable system delayed our departure for Canada for a day. We arrived in Brandon on Friday, 6 May, and flew a reconnaissance survey on 7 May. We believe all is in order and hope to begin the survey tomorrow.