Off and Running

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Written by Jim Wortham
Friday, May 08, 2015

Photo of Jim Wortham.May is here and the scaup, buffleheads, and redheads that have been hanging around our place in Florida all winter have been conspicuously absent for a few weeks now. After some last-minute aircraft maintenance, I have been packing up gear for the survey up north. Crucial tasks are getting the camp gear together and replacing items in the survival kit like signal flares and water purification tablets, but harder jobs are packing my personal bag for snow and ice when it is in the high 80s outside!

After packing, I move the aircraft to Maryland where I reunite with Brad Pendley, my observer returning this year and traveling from Missouri. The next morning we are on our way to Ontario, clearing customs in Muskoka. Looking forward to beginning the survey.

The dock in Sioux Lookout.

The dock in Sioux Lookout. Photo by Jim Wortham, USFWS