Large storms change our flight plans

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Written by Elizabeth Huggins
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some large, intense storms over the Great Lakes region have caused us to change the order of our survey. Normally, we would have continued across the southern portions of our area towards Ontario before turning north, but weather dictated that we reverse the order. We have been operating out of Chibaugamu, Quebec, which is roughly in the center of this survey area. Most of this area is boreal forest. The eastern portion of the area has higher elevations than the western part, and we saw some beautiful waterfalls. Some of the lakes there were still frozen northeast of Chibaugamu. The entire area has good water conditions. The lakes are all full and some are flooded. We didn’t see many ducks in the eastern region, but are seeing more in the western portion of this area.

Quebec showing the boreal forest, waterfall and permanent wetlands. Photo by John Rayfield.