Productivity should be good

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Written by Elizabeth Huggins
Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today we finished up the 2009 survey down in the southwestern portion of our survey area, which we had to skip earlier in the week because of storms. We have been operating out of North Bay and Pembroke, Ontario, and we have seen a lot of ducks the past few days. This area is flatter than the northern areas, and has a lot of ponds. They’ve had above average precipitation this spring (150-200% above normal), so everything is wet. There is a lot of sheet water in the fields, and a lot of flooding. It’s hard to say how much of this flooding is due to the big storms that came through this week. Hopefully, that new water didn’t flood nests of early nesting species of waterfowl.

Overall, I would say that habitat conditions in the southern Quebec and southeast Ontario survey area are predominantly good, except for the Sherbrooke area, which was in fair condition. Productivity should be good across the area, with the possible exception of specific portions in southwestern Ontario that were recently flooded. Total duck numbers were similar to last year for the total survey area with a shift of more ducks seen in stratum 52 , 56 and 68 and fewer ducks seen in the southern portions of the survey area of stratum 53 and 55.