Southeast Saskatchewan dry; Southern Manitoba flooded

Written by Terry Liddick
Friday, May 15, 2009

Terry LiddickAfter flying 5 days, we've seen that habitat conditions in Southern Manitoba are wetter and better than last year. In fact, there is massive flooding along the Red River on the eastern boundary of our survey area that has forced us to divert around it for now because the ground crews can't get in there. In places the river looks like you are approaching Lake Winnipeg. Levels are dropping as we speak, but there still are some roads closed. We will have to come back to that area later. Hopefully, the flooding won't have too great an impact on nesting. In stark contrast to Southern Manitoba, habitat in Southeast Saskatchewan is still dry. I would rate it fair at best. Southern Manitoba from Brandon south and west to the Saskatchewan border, however, looks great.

Near Moose Mountains Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Leaving Moose Mountain, entering Regina plains, Saskatchewan

Southeast Saskatchewan

East of Regina, Saskatchewan

East of Regina, Saskatchewan