Conditions are good in Alaska and Yukon

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Written by Ed Mallek
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photo of Ed Mallek.The weather is cooperating so far, and we are getting some good days of surveying under our belts. We flew north out of Cordova to Fairbanks, and while we were up there we surveyed an extra day for the Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge. They wanted to do an expanded breeding pair survey on the refuge. Just to give a sense of scale, the Kanuti refuge is 1.6 million acres – roughly the size of Delaware. We ran our transect lines closer together, to provide more data for their survey. Other than that, we have not seen anything particularly unusual, other than a couple big fires. It is not supposed to be a bad fire year, but we’ve seen a couple big ones so far. Sometimes aerial surveys get scrubbed or delayed because of smoke from big fires, but we don’t anticipate that this time of year. Overall, water conditions and nesting continue to be about what we expect to see.

Alaska peninsula waterfowl habitat.

Fire around the Kuskokwim river.