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Aythya americana

The Redhead drake is smaller than the Canvasback with which it is often confused. It has a reddish head, a rounded steep forehead, a blue-gray bill and its sides and back are grayish. The hen has a brown head and body and also a gray bill. The wings appear light tan in flight.

Length: 20"
Weight: 2 1/2 lbs.

illustration of redhead hen and eclipse drake

Range coast to coast, with the largest numbers in the Central Flyway. Migratory flocks travel in V's; move in irregular formations over feeding areas. Often found associating with canvasback.

In the air, they give the impression of always being in a hurry.

illustration of redhead wings

illustration of redhead drake

Usually spend the day in large rafts in deep water; feed morning and evening in shallower sections.

illustration of a typical redhead flock pattern

illustration of redhead in flightside view illustration of redhead in flight

Drakes purr and meow; hens have a loud squak, higher than a hen mallard's.