Long-tailed Duck

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Clangula hyemalis

In winter, Long-tailed Duck drakes have a white head, neck and upper breast with a gray cheek patch and a large black patch below the cheek. The drake's body is white and black. During the breeding season, the drake's head is black and the hen has a brown head and body with a white patch around the eye and white under the tail. In all plumages, Long-tailed ducks have dark wings and the drakes have long central tail feathers.

Length: 20 1/2"
Weight: 2 lbs.

illustration of a long-tailed duck winter hen, winter drake, and summer drake

A slim, brightly plumaged sea duck. Smaller than the scoters or eiders. Flight is swift and low with constantly changing flock formations. Ranges along both coasts and the Great Lakes.

Long-tailed Duck

One of the most vocal of ducks; drakes have a loud pleasant caloo, caloo, constantly heard.