Southern Saskatchewan Survey Begins!

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Written by Phil Thorpe
Friday, May 06, 2011

Photo of Phil Thorpe.We started the survey today. Wetland conditions are absolutely amazing in the south-central part of the Province and we had plenty of ducks using the new water. Pat and I had little time for idle talk this year as both of us were busy recording ducks as we flew the first transect. Weather forecasts were for good flying conditions all morning, but forecasts are only predictions and the predicted winds were wrong. The winds picked up to above our survey limits (25mph), so we were not able to finish the day's plan. It took us several hours to enter the data for just the one transect we did complete—lots of ducks and ponds so far.

Moose Jaw River, flooding out of its banks.

Moose Jaw River, flooding out of its banks. Photo by Phil Thorpe, USFWS