Still Waiting on the Rain

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Written by Jon Klimstra
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo of Jon Klimstra.I’m the aerial observer for Shawn Bayless. Currently we are in Dickinson, North Dakota and have been down due to weather the last two days. Today it is raining heavily with the forecast for up to 2-3 inches. This is on top of an already saturated landscape in the most western edge of the Missouri coteau in ND. Spring up here has been slow to come, and as we have flown across our portion of ND this has been made clear by the absence of farming operations in the fields. Farmers have until May 15th to get early grains planted, and based on the late spring and amount of water still on the landscape, time seems to be running out. However, all of this water is undoubtedly beneficial to waterfowl.