Alien Abduction in Area 51!

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Written by Stephen D. Earsom
Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo of Stephen D. Earsom.You know, it’s pretty exciting to be flying waterfowl surveys in Area 51, one of the US government’s most closely guarded secrets. And now I have my own story to add to the legend.

A couple of days ago we were flying along, minding our own business counting waterfowl, when suddenly, Carl’s computer started acting up. Of course, being in a highly classified area where untold mind control experiments have been conducted, we were somehow made unaware of the problem until well into the next day. The fact that the problem was intermittent made it even more difficult to uncover, but eventually we realized that our data were being abducted by a squealing alien. That’s right, on occasion, an alien would step in to steal Carl’s recording of a pair of black ducks or a flock of mallard drakes, and replace it with an extraterrestrial whine or hum. We are lucky to have escaped. However, the mission requires that we go back into the heart of Area 51 and fly some of the same areas again, collecting data in a way that the aliens would never think of – pencil and paper.

Well okay, it’s actually Stratum 51, not Area 51, and it’s in Ontario, not Nevada, but the story is still true. At least part of it. The rest of course, is classified.

So would a Chicago Bears fan fly this airline?

So would a Chicago Bears fan fly this airline? Photo by Steve Earsom, USFWS