Western Ontario and Eastern Quebec Completed

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Written by Jim Wortham
Friday, June 08, 2012

Jim Wortham.This year I have the most patient observer in the survey. Between waiting for me to attend a funeral , filling in on some harbor seal surveys, and waiting for our aircraft to undergo a mid-survey mechanical inspection, Scott Boomer has been very gracious in remaining focused and dedicated to the survey while being away from his family.

We completed western Ontario where, as always, the health of the beaver population dictates the duck habitat. Even though much of western Ontario is experiencing drier than normal conditions, the beavers are working to do their part and keeping many prime marshes wet. Ducks here seem to be doing well with one exception—we are not seeing the number of black ducks that we would hope to in this area. Hopefully this will prove to be only an illusion—we will wait to see once the survey numbers are compiled.

Signs of Caribou country.

Signs of Caribou country. Photo by Jim Wortham, USFWS