Manitoba Crew Finishes 2015 Survey

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Written by Marc Schuster
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Photo of Marc Schuster.This year, we had an early spring that allowed us to get out on the land earlier than usual. The ground survey initiated on Wednesday, May 6. Habitat conditions were good throughout most of the survey area, with only some slightly drier conditions in the western part of Stratum 39 and 40. Overall, this year appears to be similar to last year for water conditions in our part of the survey area. Duck numbers also seem to be good, with some transects recording record numbers counted on the ground.

After being on track for a fast finish, the Manitoba crew was delayed by weather on the Victoria Day Weekend for two days. Both the ground and air crews were down as wind/rain & snow hit southwestern Manitoba. After a reboot for Stratum 40, the Manitoba Ground Crew was able to finish on Wednesday, May 20.