Nyquist Finishes Second

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Written by Steve Earsom
Sunday, May 08, 2016

Photo of Stephen D. Earsom.Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby, and Nick Wirwa and I were out of the gates this year faster than Nyquist. Nick arrived at the Dulles Airport near Washington DC on Monday, 2 May, and within 24 hours we had loaded gear, flown amphibious Kodiak N723 to Toronto, cleared customs, and surveyed our first two transects. The weather has cooperated all week, and it wasn’t until yesterday that we had to shift away from our daily Plan A. Still our Plan B allowed us to complete all the transects scheduled for the day, and as of now we have completed Strata 52, 53 and 54 in southern Ontario, and have moved across the St. Lawrence River to work in Quebec.

The habitat mostly looks good, though the ditched and drained agriculture fields south of London and near the St. Lawrence River always dry quickly and seem marginal this year. More news as we moved toward the northeastern corner of the survey area.