"Here We Go Again!"... 2016 Breeding Population and Habitat Survey Gets Off the Ground

Veteran pilot biologist Jim Bredy and his observer Joe Sands enthusiastically launched the 2016 Breeding Population and Habitat Survey on May 3rd, taking to the skies of southern Alberta, Canada.

2015 Status of Waterfowl Report Released

Ruddy duck pair photo, Credit: Dave Menke, USFWSFinal results from the 2015 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey are now available. Preliminary reports are confirmed -- a total duck population estimate of 49.5 million birds in the traditional survey area, which is similar to last year's tally and holding steady at 43% above the long term average.

2015 Adaptive Harvest Management Report

This hard copy report provides waterfowl managers and the public with information about the use of Adaptive Harvest Management for setting waterfowl regulations in the United States.

Download AHM Report


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