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Spring Is Here - and the 2014 Waterfowl Survey Has Begun!

<May waterfowl survey begins. Photo by Murray Gillespie (Ducks Unlimited Canada).

May waterfowl survey begins. Photo by
Murray Gillespie (Ducks Unlimited Canada).

Unlike last year's early start, pilot biologists found themselves anxiously waiting for conditions to warrant the start of the 2013 Breeding Population and Habitat Survey. While a few days later than planned many of the 12 air crews began taking to the air the first full week of May, and the associated ground crews have started their field work. Check out the Pilot Biologist Reports for daily reports and images of what they are observing across Canada and the northern U.S. See what the air crews see as they fly fixed-wing aircraft at low altitude (150 ft) over transect lines through waterfowl habitat areas. Over 55,000 miles of transects are flown every year. That’s like counting ducks in a single line over two times around the world!

Learn More About the Mission of the FWS Migratory Bird Program

Pintail photoThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Migratory Birds is responsible for the protection, restoration, and management of more than a thousand different migratory bird species worldwide. This newly-produced high-definition video gives a brief overview of some of the ways the Division accomplishes this objective.

2012 White-Fronted Goose Survey Reveals Increase in Population

White-fronted goose making a water landing, Credit: US FWSThe Fall Inventory of Mid-Continent White-Fronted Geese was conducted throughout the Canadian prairie in late September and early October and the results are now available. This year's survey yielded 778,000 white-fronted geese in Alberta and Saskatchewan, a 12 percent increase from the previous year.

2012 Status of Waterfowl Report Released

Pintail photo, George Gentry, US FWSFinal results from the 2012 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey are now available. Preliminary reports are confirmed -- a total duck population estimate of 48.6 million birds in the traditional survey area, which is a 7% increase over last year's tally and 43 percent above the long term average.

2012 Adaptive Harvest Management Report

This hard copy report provides waterfowl managers and the public with information about the use of Adaptive Harvest Management for setting waterfowl regulations in the United States.

Download AHM Report


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