2011 Status of Waterfowl Report Released

Blue-winged Teal photo, Chris Nicolai, US FWSFinal results from the 2011 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey are now available. Preliminary reports are confirmed -- a total duck population estimate of 45.6 million birds in the traditional survey area, which is an 11% increase over last year's tally and 35 percent above the long term average.

2011 Adaptive Harvest Management Report

This hard copy report provides waterfowl managers and the public with information about the use of Adaptive Harvest Management for setting waterfowl regulations in the United States.

Download AHM Report

The 2011 Breeding Population and Habitat Survey is Underway!

May Waterfowl survey begins. Photo by Murray Gillespie (Ducks Unlimited Canada).

May Waterfowl survey begins. Photo by Murray Gillespie (Ducks Unlimited Canada).

Initial survey flights in Saskatchewan are revealing flooded conditions, as seen here around Moose Jaw River. Photo by Phil Thorpe (USFWS).

The first week of May marked the beginning of the 2011 Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, as the first of 12 air crews took to the skies and associated ground crews began their field work. For a first hand account, check out the Pilot Biologist Reports where some great stories and pictures are already flooding in from around Canada and the northern U.S. This is your entree to see what the air crews see as they fly fixed-wing aircraft at low altitude (150 ft) over transect lines through waterfowl habitat areas. Over 55,000 miles of transects are flown every year. That’s like counting ducks in a single line over two times around the world!

4th Annual Sea Duck Conference Coming to Alaska

Sea Duck Conference LogoWant to learn more about sea ducks in Alaska and across the globe? Then join scientists from around the world for a stimulating and educational conference on sea duck conservation and research. The Sea Duck Joint Venture (SDJV) has helped sponsor a North American Sea Duck Conference once every three years since 2002.


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