Duck Numbers and Habitat Survey Available

Preliminary results for the 2008 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey are now available. The estimate of 37.3 million birds represents a 9% decline over last year’s estimate of 41.2 million birds, but remains 11% above the 1955-2007 long-term average. Total pond counts showed a 37% decrease from 2007 estimates. Note: Estimates sometimes change between the preliminary numbers and final results.

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Pilot Biologists Report On Conditions

Pilot and Plane

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service pilot biologists took to the skies over the northern U.S. and Canada in May and June, and have submitted reports on habitat conditions.  What they learned will help waterfowl managers gauge the status of waterfowl populations and form the basis for setting waterfowl hunting seasons this fall.

Pilot biologist video reports

Preliminary Results from Breeding Population and Habitat Survey Available

Pilot biologists are still flying routes and compiling information, but the following links provide a "sneak peek" at breeding conditions.

Be sure to check back here in a few weeks for the final results of the Survey.

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