National Duck Hunter Survey

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image of duck hunter survey report cover

A National Duck Hunter Survey was conducted in 2005, revealing the opinions of more than 10,000 duck hunters nationwide. It was the first survey to ask duck hunters in every state their perceptions on duck hunting and waterfowl management.

The objective of the survey was to provide insight into duck hunters':

  • Opinions of and satisfactions with recent seasons and bags
  • Perceptions of duck populations, possible influences on duck numbers, and duck management priorities
  • Preferences for selected regulatory options
  • Past involvement and current interest in duck hunting, and hunter background

Survey contacts were randomly drawn from the Harvest Information Program (HIP) database and included hunters who reported having harvested at least one duck during the 2003-04 duck hunting season.

These findings inform wildlife agencies about the views of duck hunters in their areas and throughout the country. Funding was provided by state fish and wildlife agencies through the four Flyway Councils, the National Flyway Council and the Wildlife Management Institute.

Download the national report.